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Boston, MA
United States

Teresa Winner Blume is a sought-after classical soprano, recitalist, concert soloist, musical theatre actress, performer, collaborator and vocal instructor in the Boston area.


Lee Mingwei offers gift of song at the MFA - Arts - The Boston Globe

Click above to read the Boston Globe's feature article on the opening of the historical US Premiere performance art installation Sonic Blossom, with photographs and interviews with artist Lee Mingwei and Teresa Blume.

"Operatic Blossom Blooms at the MFA"

See the video produced by the Boston Herald featuring clips of my performance and more about Sonic Blossom, including an interview with artist Lee Mingwei.

Needham Resident Sings in Unique MFA Exhibit

See the feature article about my involvement with Sonic Blossom in the Hometown Weekly.

reviews On Teresa's performance as "Jenny" in Company, Moonbox Productions

…the female half of the cast offers several performances to savor. Indeed, all the women in the show hold their own, although some do a good deal more… [including] Teresa Winner Blume [who] gave his most uptight married friend a gentle knowingness… these performances proved very good company indeed.
— Thomas Garvey, Hub Review
“Getting Married Today” Amy’s frenetic rant about not being ready for marriage is a rapid-fire patter song. Set off against this insanity is the ironic counterpoint of Jenny’s operatic aria about the beauty of a wedding day. The combined effect brought the house down.
— White Rhino Report
...Shonna Cirone’s sensational freak out with Peter Mill in her Not Getting Married Today (with hilarious operatics from Teresa Winner Blume) hit the spot.
— Beverly Creasey, Boston Arts Review
Blume’s classically trained soprano voice is radiant in her verses as the church soloist.
— Nancy Grossman, BWW Boston
But the talent to bring you to the theater is Teresa Winner Blume whose operatic pipes steal the show.
— Susanna Jackson, Dig Boston
Although Moonbox’s “Company” is a true ensemble piece, with all company members giving rounded performances, a few shine even brighter. In addition to Barrett’s Joanne, Blume’s Jenny and Katie Clark’s stewardess April are notable. Blume can veer from warmly realistic and touching, loving her husband, worrying she’ll wake the children, and mothering Bobby, to a zany hoot in her soprano intermezzos during “Getting Married Today.”
— Jennifer Bubriski, Edge Boston

Another super vocal performance was given by Teresa Winner Blume, as Jenny. Although her primary role was a petite and adorable wife, she had the opportunity to display her classically trained vocal talents in my personal favorite piece, “Not Getting Married”, an amusing duet with Blume as the minister and Amy, (Shonna Cirone) as the panicked bride…
— Robin Shaye, PMP Theatre Network Reviews