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Boston, MA
United States

Teresa Winner Blume is a sought-after classical soprano, recitalist, concert soloist, musical theatre actress, performer, collaborator and vocal instructor in the Boston area.


Welcome to the website of  Boston-based Classical Soprano, Actress and Vocal Instructor Teresa Winner Blume.

But the talent to bring you to the theater is Teresa Winner Blume, whose operatic pipes steal the show.
— Susanna Jackson, Dig Boston
Blume can veer from warmly realistic and touching, loving her husband, worrying she’ll wake the children, and mothering Bobby, to a zany hoot in her soprano intermezzos during “Getting Married Today.”
— Jennifer Bubriski, Edge Boston
Teresa Winner Blume is riveting as the sister who falls under the goblins’ spell, whirling in ecstasy as she joins the goblin men, devouring their enchanted fruit... Blume is simply spellbinding.
— Beverly Creasey, Boston Arts Review
Guest soprano Teresa Winner Blume was brilliant in her solos, expressively telling a story with every note.
— Emily Weidenheimer,
My best Miranda... the most ideal singer for the role...every word sung from the heart... the kind of singer that makes the composer feel his work is worthwhile.
— Lee Hoiby, Composer
Teresa Winner Blume can break your heart as Floyd’s sister, Nellie...
— Nancy Grossman, Boston Broadway World